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The Best Career Planning Tool for Pre-College, In-College, or Career Changers:

The Pathway Planner™

  • Reviews thinking style, interests, and personality traits.
  • Outlines numerical ability, numerical reasoning, verbal skill, verbal reasoning, and overall learning index results. 
  • Includes an “interests” portion that measures traits such as creativity, people service, and technical skills that relate to various occupations.
  • Generates a personality traits review that helps individuals select careers that best fit their strengths and interests.
  • Provides a link with O*NET (Occupational Information Network from the US Department of Labor) for additional career matching information.
  • The “Pathway Planner WITH ADVISOR” adds a 1-hour consultation with a certified HR Professional ($51 value) – current sale price $149.


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The Best Career Development Tool for Professional Development & Interviewing:



  • Intended for professionals who want to take their career planning to the next level.
  • This is the same assessment used by employers to ensure new employees are a successful job match.
  • Provides a comprehensive review of thinking style, behaviors, and interests and their relationship to specifically selected jobs.
  • Generates interview questions for areas that may be a challenge for job candidates.
  • Provides job match analysis to specifically chose job titles.
  • Generates focused reports highly valuable in professional development:
    • Comprehensive Selection Report
    • Team Report (your fit within a team)
    • Coaching Report (advice geared toward managers about YOU)
    • Sales Reports (specific for sales professionals)
    • Leadership Report (insight into your leadership approach)



(Includes assessment, multiple reports AND a  private consultation with a Certified HR Professional)


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